Cheap travel Hanoi to Ha Giang

Ha Giang is one of the remotest region which still stay away from the mass tourism. The province offers beautiful landscapes, scenery and a rich ethnic culture.

The best way to reach Ha Giang province is by road. Travelers can hire a private vehicle and drive to Ha Giang from Hanoi. The journey takes about six hours. A wide selection of vehicles can be available for rent at many Hanoi local tour operators and car rental companies.

Lotussia Travel recommends not using vehicle are bigger than 30-seater bus since the Ha Giang provincial roads are small and turns much. The most recommended car is a 4-wheel drive car (SUV) such as Toyota Fortuner, Toyota Zace, Ford Escape, Izusu. Russian jeeps are sometimes available for backpackers. Toyota Landcruiser or Mitsubishi Pajero are recommended for high-end, luxury customers.

If your budget is limited and you really want to include Ha Giang in your vacation to Vietnam. Lotussia Travel recommends you booking either a private Russian jeep. The rental cost of a Russian jeep is cheap. But the safety can be a problem.

You can also take an overnight bus to go to Ha Giang. The bus ticket is also cheap. You spend one night on the bus and arrive in Ha Giang at about 4:00 AM the next day. Kindly note there is no berth on the bus (only soft seats). The bus tickets can be bought at My Dinh Public Bus station. The bus usually departs at 8:00 PM. Lotussia Travel does not provide bus ticket service but Lotussia Travel consultant can offer any information about traveling to Ha Giang for free.

Once arrived in Ha Giang province, you can get on a local bus to travel to other places in Ha Giang such as Quan Ba, yen Minh, Dong Van, Meo Vac. There are only one or two departure per day (from Ha Giang town). So please make sure that you get Ha Giang early in the morning.

If you travel with your friends, you would better to hire a  private vehicle for traveling within Ha Giang province. With a private car, you can arrange your visits more flexibly.

For your information, a travel permit or authorization is necessary for you to travel in Ha Giang villages, especially when you visit remote hill tribe villages in frontier commune. If you travel with Lotussia Travel, the agency will take care of the paper works. Otherwise you can get it when you arrive in Ha giang province.

The above information is provided by Lotussia Travel and can be outdated. Please contact the agency for the most accurate travel information.

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