Hoang Su Phi, Ha Giang

Hoang Su Phi is among the most untouched area of Ha Giang Province of Vietnam. The area was separated from the mainstream society until very recently. The capital town of Hoang Su Phi District is 60km from Tan Quang Town and 100km from Ha Giang provincial capital.


Traveling to Hoang Su Phi nowadays, the visitors will be charmed by the pristine beauty of the wild mountains and the authentic culture of the local ethnic groups which include: the Nung, the Flower H’mong, the Tay and the Ha Nhi People, etc. Hoang Su Phi market is in session every Sunday which offers great opportunities to learn about the life of the local people.

Source : Vietnam Discovery


Upland Meo Vac cattle market

The Meo Vac cattle market, held every Sunday in Ha Giang province, is unique in the northern mountainous region of Vietnam.

The market is not only where the locals living in the karst plateau trade cattle, it is also a gathering place for the Mong ethnic minority.


Visitors to the region are always encouraged to go to the Meo Vac cattle market to experience this unique local ethnic cultural event.

Market goers must start early in the morning. Those selling cattle have to wake up the earliest, usually around midnight, to walk their cows to market. Many walk dozens of miles, climb mountains and cross streams to get there, yet they never appear to be tired and are always smiling and cheerful.

In addition to cattle, there are also dogs, goats and pigs for sale at the market. Despite being tied up, a few chubby pigs are still able to run around while the goats lie near their owner’s feet and dogs wag their tails to greet passers-by.

The first sellers start to arrive around 5 am. The echoes of the clop, clop, clop of cattle hooves can be heard throughout the forests and mountains as they make their way to the market. Visitors can see the traditional costumes of the local Mong people at the market; the men wear long black dresses while the women dress in their best, most colourful costumes and their children run alongside them. There are food shops selling traditional Thang co (stewed meat soup) and fragrant maize wine near the area reserved for selling cattle. Most Mong men insist on sampling the wine before leaving at the end of the day.

Many people do not actually sell their cows, dogs or pigs at the market; they just bring them there for show. However, there is a lot of livestock for sale, sometimes whole herds of up to a thousand cattle. The cows stand patiently side by side, waiting to be sold to people from lowland areas, sometimes as far away as Vinh Phuc, Ninh Binh or Nam Dinh provinces.

The Mong people are well-known for taking very good care of their cattle. The winters on the karst plateau are very cold and there is often hoarfrost, but they still manage to raise many strong, healthy cows. The average cow sells for about VND5-8 million, while the larger ones may fetch as much as VND20 million. For an ethnic family, a cow is truly a great asset. After selling a cow, the owner can often be seen checking his cash carefully and counting it with pride, yet he is always ready to spend some of his hard earned money on a bowl of Thang co soup and a few cups of maize wine as a reward for raising such a good animal.

Source : Vietnam Discovery


Dong Van Old Quarter – Ha Giang

Dong Van Town is nestled in a valley in the heart of the Dong Van Stone Plateau in Ha Giang. The town has a cluster of houses that line the street that one end leads to the road to Yen Minh Town and the other end takes you to the sublime beauty of Ma Pi Leng Pass and Meo Vac Town. Dong Van Town is surrounded by rock mountains with a sheer color of gray all year round.

Dong Van Town has a long history where ethnic groups of Chinese (the Hoa People), of the H’mong, Tay and Kinh People have lived together for many years. These ethnic groups share some parts of their traditional culture and retain some others. Probably because of this, the town got its name: Dong Van, meaning sharing culture? Surely, there have been certain changes to the life of the local people now compared to before, but it’s certain that most of their culture has remained as it’s been for hundred years.


The old houses in Dong Van were built around 1810-1820 while most were built in the late 19th century, when the French colonialists took control of the area and established the local administration. The houses of Dong Van have 2 storeys with Ying-and-Yang roof tiles and earth-pounded walls. The wall of these houses may be around 30-60cm thick which allows the temperatures inside to stay relatively stable. The wooden structures of these houses are of iron-wood which allow them to withstand the time; or in other words, time coats a weathered feel to these houses that makes the town fit in the fabled landscape of Dong Van Rock Plateau.

If you have a chance to take an adventure traveling through the Rock Plateau of Dong Van, allow at least one whole day of the weekdays wandering around the Old Quarter and get a chance to sip coffee in the old-house converted cafe near the market, you’d enjoy more of the ancient atmosphere of Dong Van.


Trekking Hagiang – Sights Not to Be Missed

Each step foot on the land of Ha Giang is a source of sparkling colorful emotions present in front of you. It was interesting to get in the deep end of the corner in the wild to see the looks pure, wonderful experience that can only found in favor gift from nature …

Now, this national land ends not too far away, strange. There have been many domestic and foreign tourists chose this place as tourist destination. And the truth is, if you ask anyone who has ever set foot here, they all say: appreciate dates back to …

Here, we would like to share your experience with a trip to Ha Giang fullest:


1. On vehicles

If traveling by car: From Hanoi, you should ride the night Hanoi – Ha Giang comes from My Dinh bus station at 9pm and 5am to Ha Giang (luxury car bed, reservation contact over the phone. Several reputable garage as: By Powders, Hung, Hai Van …).

From Saigon, on the basis of hours by car in Hanoi to book tickets from Saigon to Hanoi (flight time takes about 2 hours). Pick-up point of the car from Noi Bai Airport 1km located in the turn in QL2 Hanoi to Ha Giang.

After arriving in Ha Giang, catch a bus in the province to move between sites or rental car to move.

If traveling by motorcycle: Depends on the time of the trip that you choose to supply the appropriate path for themselves as some of the suggestions below:

- Hanoi – Ha Giang – Quan Ba, Yen Minh, Dong Van – Ma Pi Leng – Meo Vac – Bac Me – Ha Giang – Ha Noi.

- Meo Vac – Lung battery – Mau Due Yogacara – Ha Giang – Ha Noi.

- Seal Son (Ha Giang) – Bao Loc (Cao Bang), Bac Kan, Ha Noi.

- Hanoi – Ha Giang – Bac Quang – Tan Quang Hoang Su Phi – Xin Man – Coc Pai – Lao Cai – Hanoi.

2. The hotels, motels prestigious

Lodging on the Ha Giang very rich, Some prestigious address: KS Huy Hoan, KS Union, KS Khanh Linh, KS Highland …

3. The best time to travel Ha Giang

Ha Giang beautiful year-round, however, in every season, Ha Giang has its own beauty:

If up to Ha Giang Tet, you will enjoy a lot of different Tet flavor of the 23 ethnic minority groups living there. August and September is the season of grain. – Ha Giang at this point, you will be watching the nine terraces bright yellow.

October – 11 a triangular circuit bloom time purple hillsides, back to the mountain, bring the poetic beauty best rock plateau.

4. Sights not to be missed

Dong Van Plateau: the first is a local district of the country, where the northernmost point of Lung Cu. Come here, you will feel the most profound national pride.

Dong Van is famous for fruits and medicinal herbs: peach, apple, plum, pear, ventricle, anise, cinnamon. In addition, the mountain scenery, caves, rice terraces and rows of old houses are hundreds of years old … do you captivated.

And to Dong Van, do not miss the fair highlands weekly Sunday morning meeting of relatives of people living here. Go to market, visitors will have the opportunity to be immersed in the atmosphere, crowded traditional market, learn more about the unique culture of ethnic minorities and their shopping for specialty areas southern: wine yeast maize leaves, brocade, produce mountains, enjoy exotic food highland mouth.

Sun Sa Phin port:

15 kilometers from Dong Van district of Yen Minh, gate heaven is a stop not to be missed for anyone coming to Ha Giang. Gates of heaven, you can get into the eye Sa Phin valley romantic castle of King Cat Vuong Chi Sinh.

King Cat Castle was the residence of the old imperial order, is a beautiful architectural works, rare and very unique highlands.

Ma Pi Leng:

Dubbed “Galaxies First Pass”, Ma Pi Leng Pass the most beautiful and majestic mountainous northern Vietnam with a side of steep mountains, on the one hand deep hun smoke. Stood looking down from the top of the pass is the Nho Que river winding blue four seasons, as a thread cut the sharp rugged mountains, where clouds, mountains, sky, rivers converge.

The Khau Vai Market:

Khau Vai charm visitors to the fair is one of a kind in Vietnam: Version market for those who love love unfinished, was love but missed charming, not to be together. Market meeting on the 27th / 3 lunar year.

Breasts Ba:

Breasts Ba is a “work of art” of nature bestowed on this land. Mountain shaped like breasts of the spring, the young woman, full stretch, full of life that visitors are not surprised from the spectacular beauty of nature.

There is also a gate Thanh Thuy, they DO NOT gate deputy in …

5. Cuisine

Special black cat is like chicken, only in the high mountains. Chicken fat cat food, not crushed, sure, but not tough. Chicken can be boiled, roasted and ginger soup was delicious and strange mouth.

Porridge larval ship, Shining areas, directly trying horses, wine, corn, pork, sausage, ribs and smoked buffalo meat is the specialty of Ha Giang that you should enjoy.

6. Some notes while traveling here:

- If traveling by car, note carry full car papers. Vehicles to ensure safety such as: headlights, reflective, brake …

- Ha Giang Tourism in any season should bring warm clothing as the climate is quite cold and remember to bring a bag prophylaxis and choose comfortable clothes, neat, consistent with conditions mountainous terrain.

- Whenever the border, the border need to work with here to get the best guidance and help.

- Avoid excessive curiosity for the local people.

- Should bring candy, books, school supplies divide children highlands.


Khau Vai Love market

Khau Vai Love market is held in Khau Vai commune, Meo Vac district. It is 24 km from the centre of Meo Vac town.

Khau Vai is a unique love market, cultural phenomena of Viet Nam in particular and the world in general since the product sold here is “love’. The market takes place annually in night of 26 and 27 march of lunar calendar. Although the love market located in the valley of Nung communities, it still attracts people of all ages from many other areas such as H’Mong, Dao, Tay.


 Khau Vai is not similar to the simple market today. It origins from a legend about a mournful love story of a couple in ethnic minorities. As told by the legend for immemorial times, there was a boy and a girl of two different tribes who fell in love with each other. The girl was very beautiful and her tribe didn’t want her get married with the boy of another tribe, on the contrary, his tribe wanted her to become the bride of his tribe. This resulted in the conflict between the two tribes which aggravated as the youth loved each other more and more. Until one day, when the two met each other on a mountain slope farm, they saw their tribes fighting fiercely down the mountain foot. They understood their love was the reason of the fight and to avoid further blood and flesh fly they painfully decided split up and promised to meet once a year the same day at the same place (26 march of lunar calendar). Since then, Khau Vai became the common place of all the lovers in the area.

Khau Vai is not only an appointment place of wedded pairs who missing love but also a traditional night market of Mong ethnic minority. Nowadays, Khau Vai love Market has become appointment market, for all people seeking for love (from the youth to the person who get married). It is also a place of sharing feelings and understanding about each other of the young girls and boys in ethnic groups in Meo Vac district and surrounding areas.


Motorcycling in Ha Giang

Motorcycling from Ha Giang offers arguably the best scenery in Vietnam or even Southeast Asia, and provides the opportunity to explore a stunning region as yet relatively untouched by tourism.

Unless you’re a really keen motorcyclist or have lots of time to spare, travelling to Ha Giang by bus and hiring bikes there is a good option. While I was in Ha Giang last week (here’s how I got there from Hanoi) I met up with Johnny Nam Tran, the manager of Ha Giang Rocky Plateau, to discuss hiring bikes, motorcycling in this area and the tours he offers.


First up, how much time do you need to explore the area? Johnny reckons a week is a good time to go for, “as there are lots of side roads down to villages that you can explore in this time.” While three days is enough time to get up to Dong Van, it will primarily be riding on the main roads, he says.

On a three-day trip, you can expect to spend one or two nights in Dong Van, travel along the border with China and visit Meo Vac, Johnny says. Though a shorter trip, friends who have been say it’s still amazing, mainly thanks to the fantastic scenery. If you go for longer, however, you’ll have more of an opportunity to explore the backroads and ethnic minority villages, which would enhance the trip.

You need permits to be able to travel up to Dong Van and Meo Vac, as they are near the border, and in theory it seems you are supposed to have a guide to get there. Johnny can arrange these permits, and your overnight accommodation, in Ha Giang. “It’s easy for me to arrange the permits as I’ve been in Ha Giang for a while, so I know how to get it done quickly, ” he says. You’ll need to hand over your passport, you’ll have your required paperwork in about 30 minutes.

If you’re just using Ha Giang as a base, Lotussia Travel suggests staying near the bus station for convenience, as there’s nothing specific worth seeing in the town so you may as well stay somewhere that avoids having to travel too far. However, if you have a bike or want to delve further into town there are plenty of options: I stayed in Hotel Viet Trung opposite the hospital and would recommend it as a good value option.

Lotussia Travel has a range of bikes available, from everyday Honda Waves — recommended for the more inexperienced rider — through to the more powerful (and dare I say sexy) Honda SL. Johnny seems very safety conscious; he will check a rider’s ability before letting them loose on the more powerful bikes.

As for costs, you can just rent a motorbike and equipment — see prices on his website — or you can take Johnny with you as a guide. This seems advisable if you want to get the most out of your trip. He’ll quote you a price for the bikes and guide, and then all expenses, including his, are down to you. As an example, for two people with a bike each, it’ll be about $60 per day; on top of that there’s food (which is very cheap), accommodation  and petrol.

Remember that most travel insurance will only cover you if you have a motorbike license. Make sure you’re aware of your insurance situation before travelling. As far as getting a motorbike license goes: it’s complicated, to say the least. I plan on starting the process soon and if all goes well, shall post about it.


North Vietnam Motorcycle Tour Riding Hanoi Yen Bai Lai Chau Sapa Bac Ha Ha Giang Ba Be (10 Days)

terraced-rice-field-hagiangThe 10-day north vietnam motorcycle tour takes you to such places as Yen Bai, Nghia Lo, Mu Cang Chai, Than Uyen, Lai Chau, Sapa, Bac Ha, Lao Cai, Ha Giang, Dong Van, Meo Vac, Ba Be National park. You ride on both paved roads and off-road with up and downhill rides. Taking this motorbike tour, you will have the opportunity to visit different ethnic groups who only live in the northern Vietnam such as the H’mong, the Dzao, the Tay…Enjoy the beauty of the wild nature and experience the rich ethnic culture of the northern Vietnam. This guided motorbike tour is highly recommended for active adventure riders who used to ride in the mountain where the traffic is not busy but riding uphill and downhill requires some skills.


Day 1:North Vietnam Motorcycle Tour. Begin your North Vietnam Motorbike Tour. Ride Ha Noi – Yen Bai (200km)

You will be met up with Lotussia Travel guide at your hotel. Then take a taxi to get to the starting point at the outskirt of Hanoi, from here you take the motorbikes and start your first day ride to Yen Bai.

Leaving Hanoi and breaking out of the delta plains, we pass through endless limestone karst scenery as we travel south through “Thay Pagoda”, country and extensive farming lands comprising a sea of paddy fields split by tree-lined roads. Arrive in Yen Bai in late afternoon. We check into a local hotel for overnight.

Day 2: Continue your North Vietnam Motorcycle Tour. Ride Yen Bai – Nghia Lo – Tu Le – Mu Cang Chai (200km)

We head up today into a forested and high mountain region populated by H’mong people. We will ride up a very high mountain pass before descending into a mountainous tea-growing region. Soon after we follow a long valley floor covered in a sea of rice surrounded by Hmong and Thai’s villages all the way to Mu Cang Chai. Check into a local hotel for overnight.

Day 3: North Vietnam Motorcycle Tour. Keep riding Mu Cang Chai – Than Uyen – Sa Pa (80km)

Today we head straight towards the main Fansipan Mountain range. The massive mountain range dominates the road until finally we must make a splendid climb up from Binh Lu and up to the top of the highest road pass in Vietnam (Tram Ton Pass). Crossing into Lao Cai Province at over 2000m the views looks out over the main range for miles and miles, before we descend to the mountainous Sa Pa valley. We check into a local hotel for overnight.

Day 4: North Vietnam Motorcycle Tour. Keep riding Sa Pa – Bac Ha – Pho Rang (150km)

We start from Sapa and ride to Lao Cai, a short stop to visit the Chinese border. Lunch on route. After lunch, we continue riding to Pho Rang. Check into a local guest house.

Day 5: North Vietnam Motorcycle Tour. Your motorcycle trip continues. Ride Pho Rang – Ha Giang (150km)

Beautiful motorbike ride today by taking a small road, during your way, you will have chances to visit many roadside ethnic villages and markets. Lunch in Viet Quang. Continue riding to Ha Giang for overnight.

Day 6: Ride Ha Giang – Dong Van (150km)

Today motorcycle ride must be highlights of the trip as we will visit one of the most remote land in Vietnam where are special with many ethnic groups with their unique cultures and imposing mountains – the “Heaven Gate” in Quan Ba, Rock Plateau and the Vuong palace in Dong Van.

Day 7: North Vietnam Motorcycle Tour. Ha Giang motorcycle tour. Ride Dong Van – Meo Vac (120km including side trips)

After breakfast, we leave to Meo Vac. The scenic route climbs over a pass, and then we descend down to Meo Vac valley, a beautiful valley situated very close to Chinese border. We take time to climb over the Ma Pi Leng Pass where we can enjoy beautiful mountain ranges and the the Nho Que river – Just an amazing place to be – the heaven on earth while passing on the Happy road.

Day 8: Meo Vac – Cao Bang (200km ) North Vietnam Motorcycle Tour

Continue your trip to Cao Bang with many stop over on the way: visit village and meet Tay and Dzao people, taking photos, rural market. Arrive at Cao Bang. Free time.

Day 9: Cao Bang – Ba Be Lake (150km )

Today we continue to Babe lake & national park where the landscape is amazing and the homestay is another unique experience. Upon your arrival, you are free at leisure to do the boat trip (own expense) or walk to explore the village of the Tay people. Overnight in homestay of a Tay family.

Day 10:North Vietnam Motorcycle Tour Ba Be – Thai Nguyen – Hanoi (250km)

Staying off the main road for as long as possible we head back towards the Red River Delta, passing through areas inhabited by Hmong, Dao, Tay and Nung minority peoples. A mixture of both challenging track and glorious sealed road all the way back to Hanoi. End of Lotussia Travel service.


North East Vienam Motorcycle Tours Ride Hanoi Yen Bai Ha Giang Bao Lac Ba Be National Park (6 days)

quan-ba-yen-minh-1The 6-day North East Vienam customized by the Hanoi motorbike tour operator Lotussia Travel includes such travel highlights as Thac Ba reservoir, Ha Giang, Dong Van, Meo Vac, Bao Lac, Ba Be national park. Begin your motorcycle adventure from Hanoi, you ride through the less travel villages of the north eastern Vietnam where you meet up with different ethnic groups, spend the night at local home (homestay). The bike tour is provided with English-speaking motorcycle tour guide, high capacity bikes, road bikes or motocross. Although the motorcycle trip is available all year round, this itinerary is the most recommended in dry season. A support truck or minivan can be used for big group size. You mostly ride on the back roads and off roads sometimes. Contact us for more details.


Day 1:North East Vienam. Begin your north east Vietnam motorcycle tours. Ride Hanoi – Vulinh, 180 km, 5hr ride

Leaving Hanoi and breaking out of the delta plains, we pass through endless limestone karst scenery as we travel south through “Thay Pagoda”, country and extensive farming lands comprising a sea of paddy fields split by tree-lined roads. Arrive in Vulinh in late afternoon, here we stay overnight with friends of the Dao’s minority in a traditional stilt house.

Day 2: North East Vienam.Continue your north east Vietnam motorbike tour riding Vulinh – Ha Giang, 180 km, 5 hr ride.

Beautiful ride today along Thac Ba lake, during your way, you will have chances to visit many roadside ethnic villages and markets. Lunch in Tuyen Quang. Continue to Ha Giang for overnight in a Hotel

Day 3: Continue your Vietnam motorcycle tours. Ride Ha Giang – Dong Van,

Today ride must be highlights of the trip as we will visit one of the most remote land in Vietnam where are special with many ethnic groups with their unique cultures and imposing mountains – the “Heaven Gate” in Quan Ba, Rock Plateau and the Vuong palace in Dong Van. Tonight, we stay in a hotel.

Day 4: North East Vienam. continue your motorcycling adventures. Ride Dong van – Bao Lac, 100km, 4hr ride.

After the breakfast, let spend your time to visit Dong Van old street and if it falls on Sunday, you will have great opportunity to visit the weekly maket of Dong Van where gathers many ethnic groups and their local products. The market is like a festival for the local to enjoy the time with friends, talking, drinking…Continue to Bao Lac via Meo Vac and the highlight will be the conquering the Ma Pi Leng pass. Upon arrival, check in and stay in a guesthouse in Bao Lac

Day 5: Continue your motorbiking trip. Ride Bao Lac – Ba Be Lake, 100km, 4 hr ride.

Today we continue to Babe lake & national park where the landscape is amazing and the homestay is another unique experience. Upon your arrival, you are free at leisure to do the boat trip (own expense) or walk to explore the village of the Tay people. Overnight in homestay of a Tay family.

Day 6: Travel by motorcycle Ba Be Lake – Hanoi, 240km 7 hr ride.

Staying off the main road for as long as possible we head back towards the Red River Delta, passing through areas inhabited by Hmong, Dao, Tay and Nung minority peoples. A mixture of both challenging track and glorious sealed road all the way back to Hanoi.. Tour ends.

Vietnam Tours Travel Hanoi Ha Giang Ba Be Halong Bay Hoian Saigon Mekong Delta (14 days)

Vietnam Tours Travel visitors a sharp contrast of things to do. Hanoi, the capital, is a lake-filled city, Ha Giang is the final frontier in northern Vietnam, a lunar landscape of limestone pinnacle’-and granite outcrops and Cao Bang, a northern mountainous province sharing  a 311-km-long borderline with China.

The 14-day tour starts in Hanoi, the old city with its thousand years of cultural history. Although it has experienced so many up and down changes, Hanoi still reserves many valuable cultural heritages and beautiful attractions such as the Temple of Literature, the Mausoleum of Ho Chi Minh, the History Museum.

After enjoying a full day tour of Hanoi, travelers will head the North East mountainous areas of Ha Giang. This part offers breathtaking views and interesting subcultures. The scenery through to the coast is magnificent, the craggy mountain ranges covered in mystic clouds make travellers feel like wandering in a fairyland, valleys between the mountains are enhanced by spectacles of coloured villages each with distinctive architectural features and fascinating spots for watching the sunset.  There are an estimated 20 ethnic minorities in the area. If lucky, or planned well, the weekly market in Meo Vac will provide an opportunity to see this wonderful mix of cultures and people.

The next highlight of the trip will be the Ba Be National Park, Vietnam’s largest natural lake and is now the centrepiece of an extensive National Park. The park and the surrounding area is limestone country, so lakes, waterfalls, caves and unusual rock formations abound. The whole area is richly forested and home to many ethnic minority communities.

Before flying to Hoian in the central region, travelers will also enjoy a two-day trip to Halong bay. The bay consists of a dense cluster of 3000 limestone monolithic islands, each topped with thick jungle vegetation, which rise spectacularly from the ocean. Several of the islands are hollow, with enormous caves. The bay was World Heritage listed by UNESCO at the 18th meeting of the Committee of the World Heritages of UNESCO (in Thailand on December 17th, 1994). It is one of Vietnam’s most popular tourist destinations.

The 11-day tour concludes in the bustling south. Ho Chi Minh City, also known as Saigon, is the fast-paced commercial capital of the country yet is still filled with architectural remnants of the French Indochina period. Travel to the nearby Mekong Delta and experience the rustic lifestyle of this region as you explore the labyrinth of waterways, floating markets and fertile rice fields.

Lotussia Travel is a Hanoi-based travel company offering the widest selection of multi-activity adventure tours and value-for-money travel service bookings in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia. The company was founded in 2005 with head office in Hanoi and branches in Danang, Sapa, Ho Chi Minh city.


Day 1: Vietnam Tours Travel. Arrive Hanoi.

Upon arrival at Noibai airport in Hanoi, you will be greeted by Lotussia Travel guide, driver and transferred to your hotel in town.

Check-in hotel (after 14:00) and stay free for the rest of time.

Overnight in Hanoi (Hotel).

Day 2: Vietnam Tours Travel Hanoi full day sightseeing tour (B)

Enjoy a full day sightseeing tour of Hanoi, a unique city with tree-lined boulevards, French colonial architecture, peaceful lakes and oriental temples. The city tour includes such sights as the Ho Chi Minh stilts house, One Pillar Pagoda and the Temple of Literature – The first National University of Vietnam.

In the afternoon, continue visiting the Ethnology museum where you can find the biggest object collection of 54 Vietnamese ethnic groups.

Enjoy a short cyclo excursion through the bustling old quarter streets named after the specific goods once offered for sales at these places.

In the evening, attend to the water puppet show, one of famous Vietnamese traditional art.

Overnight in Hanoi (Hotel).

Day 3: Vietnam Tours Travel Hanoi – Ha Giang (B,L,D)

Transfer to Ha Giang though Son Nam District of Tuyen Quang province. Enjoy natural landscape and green fields, palm hill and villages along the way. Lunch will be provided in a local restaurant en route. Passing Tuyen quang town, you can visit village of black Tay minority. Arrive Ha Giang town in late afternoon.

Dinner and overnight in a stilt-house in a Tay village (Homestay).

Day 4: Ha Giang – Quan Ba – Yen Minh (B,L,D).

After breakfast in the stilt-house of the Tay, we will spend about one hour for visiting Ha Giang museum where you can find the most updated object collection of 23 ethnic minorities living in the province.

Leaving Ha Giang, we will travel to Quan Ba. Stop en route to visit a Hmong village which is well known the their traditional recipe of making corn wine. Lunch will be served in a local restaurant in town. After lunch we will visit a Dao village before continuing our drive to Yen Minh.

Arrive in Yen Minh around late afternoon. If time permits, we will have a short walk to a local village where three ethnic groups Tay, Nung & Giay live together.

Overnight in Yen Minh (Guesthouse).

Day 5: Yen Minh – Dong Van – Meo Vac (B,L,D)

Depart for Dong Van. Stop en route to visit a H’mong village and the Palace of the Vuong family (The King of H’mong people). Lunch will be provided in a local restaurant in Dong Van. After lunch, we will visit the ancient town of Dong Van before continuing our trip to Meo Vac. Enjoy great view over the Nho Que river once reaching Ma Pi Leng pass.

Arrive Meo Vac around late afternoon. Check-in hotel for overnight.

Day 6: Vietnam Tours Travel. Meo Vac – Bao Lac (B,L,D)

Note: This day must be Sunday

Enjoy the whole morning for the market of Meo Vac, opens every Sunday has become very famous for their uniqueness as markets and also sites for cultural exchange of ethnic minority groups.

Lunch will be provided in a local restaurant in town. After lunch, we will leave Meo Vac for Bao Lac.

Overnight in Bao Lac (Guesthouse).

Day 7:Vietnam Tours Travel. Bao Lac – Ba Be Lake (B,L,D)

After breakfast, enjoy a nice journey from Bao Lac to Ba Be. Few passes from where you can dominate the area. The road is quite easy but there are also many curves. We can stop en route to visit some local hill tribe villages. Arrive Ba Be lake around late afternoon.

Overnight in a stilt-house in a Tay village (Homestay).

Day 8: Vietnam Tours Travel. Ba Be Lake – Hanoi (B,L)

After breakfast, enjoy a 4-hour boat trip on Ba Be lake. We will visit the Puong grottoes before disembarking in a small pier. Join our vehicle again for a short drive to Ba Be town. Have lunch in a local restaurant. Then return Hanoi.

Arrive Hanoi around late afternoon. We will check-in hotel for a short rest. Then enjoy one-hour massage package to one of the finest spa saloon in Hanoi – A full body massage both invigorating and relaxing. This massage helps to reduce tension, soothe sore muscles and increase circulation.

Overnight in Hanoi (Hotel).

Day 9: Vietnam Tours Travel. Hanoi – Halong Bay (B,L,D)

Enjoy the journey through the rich farmlands of the Red River Delta and the scenery of rice fields, water buffalo and everyday Vietnamese village life. Arrive in Halong and board the Bai Tho traditional sailing junk (or similar). Whilst cruising the exquisite waters sample the regions fresh seafood. Visit the recently discovered Surprise Grotto with its great views, and on the next island see the yawning mouth of Bo Nau Cave. In the afternoon, enjoy one-hour kayaking trip to explore further “The 8th World Wonder”. Watch the sunset over the bay whilst enjoying a delicious dinner.

Overnight on board junk (Boat-house).

Day 10: Halong Bay – Hanoi – Danang – Hoian (B)

Breakfast will be provided on board. Then we continue our cruise in Halong bay while the boat is going back to shore. Arrive at Ha long wharf about 11h00 and take our car for our journey back to Hanoi.

Upon arrival in Hanoi, transfer directly to Noibai airport for a short flight to Danang.

You will be met up at Danang international airport by Lotussia Travel local guide, driver and transferred to Hoian.

Overnight in Hoian (Riverside Resort).

Day 11: Hoian half day city tour (B) Vietnam Tours Travel

After breakfast, begin our visit of this charming small town of Hoian, first commercial center in Vietnam since the 15th century, with more than 800 classified buildings such as Japanese Covered Bridge, Tan Ky Old house, Assembly Hall Chinese. Phuc Kien Pagoda, Hoian Museum and Market.

Then enjoy a half day free at leisure for your personal discovery/shopping.

Overnight in Hoian (Riverside resort).

Day 12: Hoian – Danang – Ho Chi Minh city (B)

According to flight departure time, transfer to Da Nang airport for your flight to Ho Chi Minh city (Saigon). Flight??? (DAD-SGN).

You will be greeted at Tan Son Nhat international airport in Ho Chi Minh city by Lotussia Travel local guide and driver then transferred to your hotel in town.

In the afternoon, start the tour with Ho Chi Minh City highlights including the Post Office, cathedral, Reunification palace, centre town, then continue towards Cholon, visit Thien Hau temple and Binh Tay market.

Overnight in Ho Chi Minh city (Hotel).

Day 13: Mekong Delta (B,L)

Heading out of the town, we travel by road to the Mekong Delta, Vietnam’s largest rice bowl. On arrival in My Tho we embark on a boat navigating around the intricate small canals in the delta region, which is a great way to observe the local lifestyle close-up. The thrilling excursion will pass the lush green vegetation before arriving on an island. Here we have opportunities to visit some fascinating local industries, stroll around an orchard and taste many seasonal fruits. After feasting on a huge lunch we return to Ho Chi Minh.

Overnight in Ho Chi Minh city (Hotel)

Day 14:Vietnam Tours Travel. Departure (B)

According to your flight departure time, you will be transferred to Ho Chi Minh city airport for onward flight home. Flight???. End tour.

North Vietnam Tours Travel Hanoi Ha Giang Cao Bang (7 days)

meo-vac-ha-giang-5This 7-day North Vietnam Tours is specially customized by the hanoi tour operator Lotussia Travel for individuals, small group tours and family holidays, those seek an off the beaten path tour itineraries in the northern Vietnam. The overland tour begins with a car transfer from Hanoi to Ha Giang where you start visiting the beauty of the wild nature, untouched hill tribe villages, corn fields. You meet up with different ethnic people such as the Lolo, the Tay, the Dzao, the H’mong. Stops are made en route for you to take picture, to meet up with local peoples. You travel through Quan Ba, Yen Minh, Dong Van,Meo Vac, Saphin, Bac Me to Cao Bang where you visit the giant waterfall before driving back to Hanoi. This trip is provided with English-speaking tour guide, vehicle, basic hotel accommodation, local food. Contact Lotussia Travel for more details.


Day 1:North Vietnam Tours. Drive Hanoi – Ha Giang

8:00: You will be met up with Lotussia Travel team at your hotel in Hanoi and transferred to Ha Giang via Tuyen Quang province.

Enjoy natural landscape, green fields, palm hill and villages. Upon arrival in Tuyen Quang town, we can make a stop and visit a village of the Tay. We will arrive in Ha Giang town in the late afternoon. Check into a local house for dinner and overnight.

Day 2: North Vietnam Tours. Travel Ha Giang – Quan Ba – Dong Van

After breakfast, we will have a short visit of the Ha Giang museum before we continue our drive towards Dong Van rocky highland. We make some stops en route for admiring the scenery and taking pictures.

Lunch will be provided a local restaurant in Yen Minh town.

After lunch, we continue traveling to Dong Van. Stop en route for visiting a local Hmong village in Cao Pho, and the Hmong King Palace in Saphin.

We arrive in Dong Van around late afternoon. Check into a local hotel for dinner and overnight.

Day 3: Dong Van – Meo Vac.

After breakfast, we will have a short visit of the ancient town of Dong Van. Then we continue our trip driving to Meo Vac.

We make stops en route for visiting local Hmong village and admiring the scenery, taking picture of  Ma Pi Leng pass.

We arrive in Meo Vac at noon, check into a local hotel.

Lunch will be provided either in the hotel or in a local restaurant in town.

After lunch, we will have a short walk visiting a Hmong village near the town.

Overnight in Meo Vac.

Day 4: Continue traveling Meo Vac – Bac Me.

After breakfast, we  depart for Bac Me. We may have the opportunity to visit the Lung Phin Market, the biggest tribal market in the area. The market is open following Vietnamese lunar calendar.

Lunch will be provided in Mau Due.

After lunch, we continue traveling towards Bac Me. We will pass by rice terrace fields, primary forest and hilltribe villages such as Duong Thuong, Du Gia, Minh Son….

We will arrive in Bac Me around late afternoon. check into a local guesthouse for dinner and overnight.

Day 5: Travel Bac Me – Cao Bang. North Vietnam Tours

After breakfast, we continue our trip driving towards Cao Bang. Other stops will be made on the way for you to visit more local hilltribe village, experiencing more their real authentic life.

We will arrive in Cao Ban around late afternoon. Check into a local hotel for dinner and overnight.
Day 6: Cao Bang – Ban Gioc waterfall – Cao Bang.
Heading out of town, we start venturing into the most remote northern regions of Cao Bang Province. The scenic roads traverse Trung Khanh before arriving at Ban Gioc Waterfall, which boasts the biggest waterfall in Vietnam (although not full of water in the dry season). There is an enormous cave with two main entrances, one branch reaching almost all the way to the waterfalls where there is a second “secret” entrance. On the way back, we may break en route, as you wish, to visit hill tribe villages and take pictures.

Day 7: Cao Bang – Hanoi. North Vietnam Tours

Enjoy full day drive from Cao Bang to Hanoi. Arrive Hanoi around mid-afternoon. End of Lotussia Travel service.